Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The World's Biggest Meat Sandwich

This monster snack is the world’s meatiest sandwich - crammed from bottom to top with 41 different cuts of meat including sausages, ham, turkey and - of course - bacon.

Before you tuck in youought to have planned for a long lunch break as this megawich will take an overwhelming ten hours to eat
The massive sarnie, dubbed a 'carnivore’s dream', stands a whopping 15 inches high, 24 inches wide and tips the scales at more than two stones.

It contains 1,445 grams of ham, two kilograms of salami, turkey and bacon, one kilogram of sausages and 720 grams of chorizo.

Hidden among the meat is cheese and gherkins and if you look carefully you might even be able to spot some salad between the cuts.

It was made by British chef and restaurateur Tristan Welch to mark the launch of TV programme Man v. Food Nation on Food Network UK.

The new show sees host Adam Richman travelling through the United States encouraging people to take on daring food challenges.
Luckily for all meat lovers Mr Welch has shared the recipe online so that brave diners can take on the challenge at home.

Nick Thorogood, from the Food Network, said: 'The world’s meatiest sandwich is an epic creation.

'We expect only the very brave will take on the challenge and attempt to eat it.

'We wanted to create a sandwich that embodies the Man v. Food Nation series - that is big dishes, big flavours and big challenges.

'It is definitely a dish that host Adam Richman will be proud of.'


Monday, May 7, 2012


As you arrive at the store you cannot believe that something so good comes from something so small. Simplicity in mind and practice, Benton's store front is nothing that would stand out, but certainly something you should always remember. Once inside you are quickly taken back in time to when Allan first started in the business. In fact the only thing Allan has changed was the type of sugar used, the original company used white sugar, and since his family had always used brown sugar instead of white Allan decided to go with that. The smell is that of an old farm house where food is always cooking and being served.
Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams are slow cured using salt, brown sugar, and sodium nitrite and typically aged 9-10 months, though hams are available 1 year and older. This time-honored practice dates back to the era of our forefathers, when the preparation and preservation of meat was a way of life and sustenance. Although the hands of time and technology have sculpted many aspects of our modern world, at Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams we have upheld the traditional dry-curing process and are striving to produce world class country hams and bacon.

Our business was started in 1947 by the late Albert H. Hicks, a dairy farmer who began curing and selling country hams out of a painted block building. Allan Benton and his employees have honed the dry-curing of hams and bacon into a culinary art and have catapulted the products from a simple breakfast mainstay into the world of gourmet cooking, where they have been praised for their characteristic flavor. Benton’s Country Hams and Bacon are available either unsmoked or hickory-smoked. Hickory smoking is performed in a small, wood stove smokehouse behind the business, imparting a distinct smoked flavor that many customers prefer. Our products make excellent gifts and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. We invite you to try some today!